Hand Designed

Entropy (Our thermodynamics book says its Degree of randomness) is what our designs depict. Our designs are random and most unique, as every t-shirt here is specially hand designed, which makes it impossible for any two Entropy t-shirts to be 100% identical. We’ve tried to put things we see around in our designs which are inspired from life itself. From mundane things like traffic lights and binary numbersto our heritage like Tajmahal and Warli paintings.

Entropy was born out of a necessity. A necessity of finding good t-shirts, which are simple, subtle yet interesting enough to make you feel special. Just the way we like our t-shirts to be. So we bring to you this exclusive range of hand designed/sketched/printed t-shirts…

  • Good quality cotton (180 GSM) Bio Wash
  • Great fit (Slim fit and Regular)
  • Soothing Pastels and light colors
  • Short sleeves, 4 Sizes
  • FREE SHIPPING across India

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